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Earth Rated is going (RED)

by 55666556 26 Dec 2023

Note: This limited edition product is no longer available.

Here at Earth Rated, we’re committed to social, environmental, and corporate responsibility. Our values define our culture, beliefs, and guide the way we do business. That's why we’re so incredibly proud to partner with (RED) – alongside some of the world’s most iconic brands—to help strengthen healthcare systems in communities that need it most.

The (RED) Campaign

(RED) was founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to mobilize brands into creating (RED) products and experiences that raise money for the Global Fund, one of the world’s largest funders for global health. We've partnered together to design a very special limited edition collection. For the first time ever, we're turning our iconic green poop bag dispenser and poop bags (RED)!

These Products Save Lives

When you purchase our new limited edition (RED) leash dispenser and poop bags, Earth Rated will donate $1.75 to the Global Fund. Simple as that. To really help make a difference, we've committed to donating a total of $100,000! With your purchase, you are helping support millions of people impacted by the world's biggest global health emergencies, like AIDS & COVID-19.

What Will the Donation Go Towards?

  • Your support helps fund life-saving programs and services, including:
  • Access to HIV Testing and Treatment -- Provide critical access to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment programs to end AIDS
  • Purchasing PPE and medical equipment -- Deliver PPE to healthcare workers on the front lines of global health emergencies
  • Training Healthcare Workers -- Ensure healthcare workers have access to training and equipment to respond to the threat of pandemics

To learn more about (RED), visit:

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